Members of the Divine 9 Journey to Ghana

By Larrick Daniels
Vice President of the Monmouth-Ocean County Pan Hellenic Council

Members of the Divine 9 joined the Asbury Park School District on their journey to Ghana Africa. The Asbury Park School District’s 21st Century Community Learning Center thought Leaders Academy ventured on an educational and cultural journey to Ghana as part of the Global Ambassador’s Program. Designed to develop educational and technology awareness, the program put students’ knowledge to work by giving them an opportunity to interact with their African international peers.

The Asbury Park School District invited teachers, administrators and community members join AP students during their Spring Break – April 7, 2017 through April 15, 2017 – we journeyed to the nation of Ghana on West Africa’s Gulf of Guinea and enjoyed its diverse wildlife, native shrines and the awesome hospitality of the Ghanaian people. The trip included roundtrip tickets from JFK to Accra, Ghana, lodging and stops at several historical sites along the way: the Cape Coast Slave Dungeon, Kakum National Park, Accra Art Gallery, Ghana American Embassy, morning visit with children of (name) Ghana School, The resident of W.E.B. DuBois, Jamestown Lighthouse Village, Kwan Nkrumah Circle and many other sites and restaurant.

The highlight of the trip was the Enstoolment Ceremony of Sigma Brother Dr. Lamont Repollet. Kudos to the outstanding job he has done to promote the Asbury School District throughout the state of New Jersey, nationally and now internationally. Congratulations Brother Nana Dr. Lamont Repollet on your accomplishments and your new role as Chief of Education for the village of Abram Agona Ghana.

Members of the Divine 9 on this journey:
Dr. Lamont Repollet
Phi Beta Sigma
Dr. Patricia Montgemery
Delta Sigma Theta
Mrs. Darlene Repollet
Delta Sigma Theta
Dr. R. Johnson
Alpha Kappa Alpha
Dr. Kristie M. Howard
Delta Sigma Theta
Ms. Sierra Gray
Alpha Kappa Alpha
Ms. Demetra Peterson
Delta Sigma Theta
Mr. Larrick E. Daniels
Kappa Alpha Psi
Mrs. Linda Craddox
Delta Sigma Theta
Ms. Bertha Pullen-Smith
Delta Sigma Theta
Ms. Roberta Beauford
Delta Sigma Theta
Ms. Wanda Smith
Delta Sigma Theta
Bishop John Craddox
Omega Psi Ph

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